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About the Author

Kathleen Bradford is a writer of multi-dimensional beauty and has been composing and writing stories since she was in grade school. Writing pen to paper, unknowing what will happen on the next page; then transcribing hundreds of pages into a word format.

She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband of eighteen years and their Shih Tzu, Bear. Inspired by her own experiences, profound observations and a vast imagination, she has developed an abstract view of the world around her which is reflected in her stories that captivate young and old alike.

When she was young she wanted to be an astronaut but life’s events had guided her to work with, and care for children, experiencing the world by seeing it through their eyes. Watching and learning while encouraging and embracing their different ideas and visions. She now works as an accountant by day and remains an enthusiastic star gazer, thoroughly enjoying and studying every aspect of nature's beauty and complexity.

Her greatest passions are creating new adventures and bringing them to life in the written word and connecting with her family and her ‘tribe’ as often as possible.

Current books

The Light Worker

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The Light Worker Synopsis:

Valeen Martin lives a quiet and isolated life. She left behind a painful past and all her secrets when she moved into the quiet mountain town of Chestnut Cove. She has kept to herself working independently as an interior designer, having only her friend Laura and her grown boys as occasional company, but the nightmares have started again and the sensations have become stronger and more frequent. It is not so easy to dismiss and deny them any longer.

Valeen call on her friend Laura for support and they soon find themselves thrown into a unimaginable reality and unthinkable danger, unveiling a world of magic and mystery hidden within our own.

Luke, her long absent neighbor arrives in the middle of the night and brought with him a mysterious past of his own. When he inserts himself into Valeen’s quest for the truth they set off a series of events that prove to be stranger and more dangerous thrown they could ever imagine, but Luke might just have the answers she seeks.

Valeen will come face to face with the darker side of humanity, a man that thrives on chaos and mayhem and wants nothing more than to destroy the this worlds existence.

A battle begins within Valeen and the outside forces she is just beginning to understand. She must choose to live a life without her loved ones or give her life to save them.

The light worker takes readers on a suspenseful fantasy ride that delves into romance, friendship and self-acceptance.
The Light Worker

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The Shadow Chasers

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Synopis for the Shadow chasers

Valeen Martin embarks on a new Journey when she steps through the Gateways with Luke for the first time in her memory. Going back to the place that was once her home, she reconnects with Tran and Mary, apparent longtime friends she cannot completely recall, and their daughter Amelia; only to discover that Mary has become catatonic and can no longer communicate.
Valeen is still uneasy and unsure of the gifts she has discovered within herself and the worlds around her, but on Mary’s behalf, she decides to discard all logic and disbelief and embrace who and what she is to assist Amelia; who is just discovering her own extraordinary gifts and the frightening realization that her power has the potential to cause devastating destruction.
Krista is a power hungry villainess with grandeur illusions of ruling all the realms. Panicking at the sudden departure of Valeen and the others from her realm, afraid that they may spoil her plans to rule, she follows them back through the gateway to Valeen’s world and encounters more difficulties than she anticipated. Unwilling to take any chances of being thwarted she will use all the magic at her disposal to find out the secret they are hiding and stop them from ever achieving their goals.
The Shadow Chasers brings the intent of consciousness and creativity to life. Where everything is real and anything is possible….