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Review for "The Light Worker"

Fantasy is an essential genre for the human condition. By taking a reader beyond the banality of everyday life, a more universal perspective is granted— revealing, in itself, the very magic of the ‘ordinary,’ so often passed by in the humdrum of existence. And yet fantasy is, these days, relegated to young adult literature, as coming-of-age stories, as something juvenile. But Kathleen Bradford transcends this narrow trend with The Light Worker, her stupendous, supernatural novel of maturity, experience, and adulthood— all set against the backdrop of fantasy.

Telling the story of Valeen Martin, a reclusive interior designer with a painful past, The Light Worker brings the reader into a world of magic and mystery revealed through Valeen’s nightmares, visions, and the extraterrestrial reality she summons forth from the beyond. Part vision-quest and part epic adventure, Valeen, with the help of her friend Laura and neighbor Luke, must face the darkness of mankind… and stop the sinister plans of a chaotic force: hell-bent on destroying existence itself.

The Light Worker not only traces the becoming of a supernatural world; it traces, too, the becoming of a woman, the growth of self, the challenges of love and sacrifice, and the struggle of humanity against the inhuman. Ms. Bradford’s compelling and wholly original novel is adult in the truest sense; the themes of compassion and pain resonate with any reader who has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune— and come through the other side… as a more complete person. Touching, terrifying, and spellbinding, The Light Worker is a must read for fans of fantasy and serious literature alike.

—Charles Asher