Books of Light


Question: When did you start writing?
Answer: Although I have been creating and writing since I was a child, what ignited the passion to write and publish happened when I was taking college courses to further my accounting skills and had to take a writing and literature course. The class set aflame a desire I wasn’t fully aware I had. I then took the risk to be true to myself and ran with it.

Question: How have you found the time to write with a full time job?
Answer: To begin with, I have one of the most incredible employers. He not only allows me the flexibility to work on my books, he encourages and inspires me to follow my dreams. That being said, I do have a job to do, and writing in something that brings me joy and peace; like fishing, skiing, bike-riding or any other activity people do for pleasure outside of work.

Question: Any advice for a new author?
Answer: Relax and let it come. Make the commitment and follow it through. And never settle for “good enough.” You deserve the excellence you strive for.

Question: What is it like working with a publisher?
Answer: Honestly, it can be quite daunting. There is a lot of information and protocol involved in publishing a book. (I am still learning as I go.) Writing the stories is the easy part. It is all very necessary if you want your books put out into the world, and the end results are so worth it. There is a feeling of accomplishment and finalization; a freedom to move on to the next great adventure.

Question: How did you find your first publisher?
Answer: I have actually used a couple of different publishers. It is a matter of finding the right publisher for you, like any endeavor you embark on where other people are involved in your achievement of dreams, there is a relationship that has to be developed, and some fit better with who you are, and what is needed to bring out the best of who you are, than others. So like any new relationship you have to research and communicate until you find what or who works best. Book Baby is my choice thus far.